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February 08 2018


Schumer, North Korea, Los Angeles Times: Your Wednesday Evening Briefing

Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

February 07 2018


Nancy Pelosi Holds House Floor for 8 Hours and Counting to Advocate for ‘Dreamers’

Representative Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic leader, broke records on Wednesday with an extended speech opposing the budget deal because it ignored the Dreamers.

Curious About the Lives of North Korea’s Isolated Athletes? Here’s a Glimpse

We’ve gathered insights from the country’s state news media, analysts, defectors and athletes who have competed alongside North Koreans.

Senate Leaders Reach Deal to Raise Spending Over Two Years

The agreement would raise caps on military and domestic spending, clearing the way for lawmakers to pass a spending bill for the rest of the fiscal year.

China Detains Executive Close to Family of Former Prime Minister

The detention of Duan Weihong is a sign that President Xi Jinping’s anticorruption campaign may again be closing in on a former top leader.

In Sweeping War on Obesity, Chile Slays Tony the Tiger

New regulations, which corporate interests delayed for almost a decade, require explicit labeling and limit the marketing of sugary foods to children.

Jasper Johns Still Doesn’t Want to Explain His Art

Mr. Johns, who is now 87 and widely regarded as America’s foremost living artist, has a new retrospective at the Broad called “Something Resembling Truth.”

Rob Porter, White House Aide, Resigns After Accusations of Abuse

Mr. Porter, the White House staff secretary, said he would leave his job a day after a news account that quoted his two ex-wives accusing him of physical abuse.

Op-Ed Contributor: Don’t Give Up on the International Space Station

The program is a demonstration of American leadership. Why does the president want to cut it?

On Northern Syria Front Line, U.S. and Turkey Head Into Tense Face-off

The New York Times traveled with two U.S. generals to a northern Syria city where armed conflict between the Americans and Turks is now a possibility.

Asia and Australia Edition: North Korea, Tesla, Taiwan: Your Thursday Briefing

Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

How to Watch the Winter Olympics, on TV and Mobile Devices

What if you’re away from your TV and need your live biathlon fix? And what if you’ve cancelled your cable package? Luckily, your options are plentiful.

At 11th Hour, Status of Russian Olympians Remains Uncertain

Two days before the Winter Olympics begin, Russia is trying to get 47 more athletes cleared to compete. They were barred for doping violations.

The Stock Market Is Worried About Inflation. Should It Be?

Is the economy at risk of overheating? The answer will depend on what really drives price increases, and what the Fed does.

Justin Trudeau Regrets ‘Peoplekind’: ‘I Made a Dumb Joke’

After the Canadian prime minister was shown on video telling a woman not to say “mankind” at a town-hall-style meeting, people had many, many opinions.

Wall St. Mostly Higher Even as Global Investors Grow Cautious

Stock markets in the United Staes gained ground on Wednesday after experiencing a big rebound the day before. Global markets were mixed.

$2.4 Billion Deal for Chelsea Market Enlarges Google’s New York Footprint

The deal calls attention to the technology sector’s rapid expansion in the city, both in the numbers employed and the square footage occupied.

Op-Ed Contributor: North Korea Comes to the Olympics

Many South Koreans are unhappy with the warm welcome North Korea will receive at the Games.

Judy Chicago, the Godmother

For decades, the feminist artist was pushed to the sidelines. Relevant once again, she can no longer be ignored.

Your Money: So It’s Your First Market Hiccup. What Should You Do Now?

Tempted to sell? Answer these six questions first, including ones about your timing, your goals, your predictive skills and your overall anxiety level.
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